Cemetery Cleanup

Cemetery crews will perform the annual winter and spring cleanups on the following dates:

Winter Cleanup 2019 (weather permitting)
  • Sunday, March 3: Cemetery patrons must remove winter decorations
  • Monday, March 4: Cemetery staff discards winter decorations
Spring Cleanup 2019
  • Sunday, April 21: Cemetery patrons must remove spring decorations
  • Monday, April 22: Cemetery staff discards spring decorations
Please note:
  • All cemetery decorations are discarded by cemetery staff when they are determined to be old, unsightly, or create maintenance problems.
  • Unless the decorations are confined to the headstone and surrounding concrete border, they will be removed as scheduled by cemetery staff.
  • March through October: All decorations displayed on the grass or that spill out onto the grass will be discarded by the cemetery staff after 14 days, unless retrieved or removed by patrons.
For more information regarding cemetery cleanup schedules, please visit https://www.spanishfork.org/departments/parkrec/cemetery/decorations_schedule.php.