Parks and Facilities

Community Parks


Sports Park

295 W Volunteer Dr
exercise playground soccer tennis pickleball baseball/softball walking/running trail

The Spanish Fork Sports Park is Spanish Fork’s largest park at 90.5 acres and its only Regional Park. The park is located in the southwest region of the City, bounded by the Spanish Fork River and its associated trail along its southern boundary. This premiere park includes baseball/softball fields, multipurpose fields, restrooms, pavilions with picnic tables, tennis courts, pickleball courts, a playground, barbecue grills, benches, fitness stations, and a concessions building. 


North Park

1185 N 400 E
playground walking/running trail

North Park is the City’s smallest Community Park at 10.0 acres and is located in the north region of the City near one of the many commercial districts located behind Costco. The park includes restrooms, pavilions with picnic tables, a volleyball court, playground, splash pad, benches, walking paths, and a connection to the City’s trail network.


Adventure Heights Park

1321 E Canyon Rd
playground walking/running trail

Adventure Heights is one of Spanish Fork’s newest public parks, completed in 2020. It is 10.4 acres in size and features a large all-abilities park along with a restroom, pavilions with picnic tables, and numerous benches to relax on. The park includes a playground that serves all capabilities along with a large water feature that includes a splash pad, waterfall, and “river”.

aerial view of Canyon View Park

Canyon View Park

3300 E Powerhouse Road
playground walking/running trail fishing

Canyon View Park is one of the City’s largest parks at 23.5 acres and is located in the eastern region of the community along the Spanish Fork River. Bordering The Oaks at Spanish Fork Golf Course, it features a large fishing pond, RV park, gazebo, restrooms, pavilions with picnic tables, a volleyball court, playground, barbecue grills, benches, and a connection to the Spanish Fork River Trail along with other trails in the City’s network.

 playground soccer  baseball/softball walking/running trail

The Russell Swenson Baseball Complex is located in the southwest area of the City just north of the Sports Park. This historic park, which features six baseball fields, restrooms, concessions building, playground, picnic tables, and other amenities has been a staple in the community for many years and has served generations of our community for many of their recreation needs.


Centennial Park

572 S 600 E
playground soccer baseball/softball walking/running trail

Centennial Park is located in the south area of the City adjacent to the Cemetery and near the Skate Park, Dog Park, and East Park . The park features a restroom, multipurpose fields, a practice baseball field, playground, and benches.

Neighborhood Parks


City Park

49 S Main St

City Park is located in the center of the City on Main Street and features a restroom,playground, picnic tables, benches, open lawn area and a rose garden. It is 3.6 acres in size and shares the block with the Spanish Fork Library.


Sierra Park

94 N 1800 E
playground soccer walking/running trail

Sierra Park is located on the east side of the City and is 7.8 acres in size. It includes a restroom, two pavilions with picnic tables, multipurpose fields, a playground and other park amenitites.


Abbie Court Park

1438 S 2050 E
playground basketball

Abbie Court Park, at 3.3 acres, is located in the southeast quadrant of the City. It includes a pavilion with picnic tables, basketball court, a playground, and an open lawn area.


Legacy Farms Park

2352 E Purple Sage Dr
playground soccer walking/running trail

Legacy Farms Park is Spanish Fork’s largest Neighborhood Park at 7.9 acres and is located in the northeast quadrant near the City’s eastern boundary. It includes a restroom, pavilion with picnic tables, basketball court, playground, benches and a connection to the City’s trail network.


Parkside Estates Park

1221 E 1480 S

Parkside Estates Park is the City’s smallest Neighborhood Park at 1.7 acres and is located in the southeast quadrant of the community. It features a pavilion with picnic tables, a basketball court, playground, benches, and perimeter sidewalks.


East Park

498 S 820 E

East Park is located in the southeast quadrant of the City east of the Dog Park and Skate Park. It is 4.9 acres in size and includes a baseball field.

Electric Park

Electric Park

32 N Maple Leaf Dr

Electric Park is located in the east side of the City and is the City's newest park. It includes an electric-themed playground, basketball and pickleball courts, and a dog park.

Specialty Parks


Dog Park (600 E)

658 E 400 S

The 600 East Dog Park is located near East Park, the Skate Park, and Centennial Park. The dog park features two enclosed off-leash dog areas,  benches, and a dog agility course.


Dog Park (1100 E)

1150 E 600 S

The 1100 East Dog Park is adjacent to Adventure Heights Park. The dog park features an enclosed off-leash dog area.


Skate Park

491 S 600 E

The Skate Park is located on 600 East and is adjacent to the Dog Park and across the street from Centennial Park. The park includes concrete skate features, several benches, and an adjacent open lawn area.


Gun Club

2445 Spanish Oaks Dr

The Spanish Fork Gun Club is a public trapshooting club located in the foothills near the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. The club was founded in 1972 and has since evolved to include a number of trapshooting facilities and events. The trapshooting range is recognized for its unique setting and the high-visibility views over the valley.

Mini Parks

Mini Parks are typically less than 3 acres in size and usually have minimal amenities. Mini parks serve the immediate residential neighborhood, where a Neighborhood or Community Park with more amenities may not be accessible within a reasonable walking distance.

Many of these parks function as a small stormwater detention structure. Detention basins are designed to retain runoff from a storm with a return frequency of 25 years and are designed to retain water for the design recurrence interval and duration, and drain within 12 hours of the end of the storm event.


Eagle Cove

1116 S 1450 E

Little Chicago

727 N 400 E

Little Cleveland

428 E 700 N

Maple Mountain Detention Basin

2170 E 100 S

Mill Road Detention Basin

1541 S Mill Rd

Patriot's Park

1050 S 1100 E

Railside Park

1541 S Mill Rd

Spanish Highlands Park

375 N 1880 E

Sunny Ridge Detention Basin

379 N 1280 E

Whispering Willow Park

1149 N Ridge Ct

Wildflower Detention Basin

293 S 630 W

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