Spanish Fork Dowdle Puzzles on Sale!

Puzzles are only $12.50 + tax.

If you order online, you can pick up your puzzle at the Utility Office in Library Hall (80 S. Main Street).

You can also purchase at the utility office or the Spanish Fork Library at 80 S. Main Street during regular business hours. 

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Spanish Fork City will NOT be offering shipping or returns/refunds.

About the Artwork
From the Fiesta Days Rodeo to the Festival of Lights, there is something for everyone in Spanish Fork. Incorporated in 1855, the City has been home to Icelandic settlers, explored by Franciscan Friars, and has a rich history of industry in agriculture and manufacturing. With front doors into Spanish Fork from I-15, US-6, and the Spanish Fork Airport, the City is becoming a more popular place to live, shop, and work. 

With tradition all around us, there is a lot to look back on and a lot to look forward to. And it's all right here in Spanish Fork, the home of Pride and Progress.