Economic Development

Community Development

Spanish Fork is pro-business and dedicated to assisting your company in meeting its needs and minimizing development time. You will find a commitment to outstanding customer service at every level within the city offices of Spanish Fork City. Your project, your timelines, and your confidentiality are our priorities.

Your existing, expanding or relocating business is a valuable asset to our community. Businesses like yours provide jobs, services and a tax base that preserves and enhances our quality of life. We are available to discuss state and local programs in employee training, building expansions, and other activities related to your success.

Spanish Fork City's Economic Development Program

  1. Meet with key businesses annually.
  2. Develop database of business information.
  3. Meet with staff or city officials from six communities.
  4. Develop strategy to create new business park.
  5. Send site visit invitation to companies and site selectors.
  6. Initiate annexations of non-residential properties.
  7. Develop program to implement components of branding campaign.
  8. Participate in ICSC and RECON program.
  9. Streamline development review process.
  10. Develop new website for economic development.
  11. Continue review and respond to EDCUtah projects.