2300 E Canyon Road (SR-198) Traffic Signal Update

2300 E Canyon Road  (SR-198) Traffic Signal Update

Which parties are involved in getting a traffic signal at this intersection?

  • Canyon Road (SR-198) is owned & maintained by UDOT
  • 2300 E is owned & maintained by Spanish Fork City

Who can authorize that a traffic signal be placed at this intersection?

  • Because a UDOT road is part of this intersection, the City must receive approval through UDOT’s permitting process

What is the timeline that has been and will be followed for this project?

  • Spring 2022 North Leg of 2300 E Canyon Rd intersection completed.
  • August 2022 Signal Warrant Study completed
  • First quarter 2023 Spanish Fork agrees to have it designed and constructed with a reimbursement agreement from UDOT to speed up the project
  • Fall 2023 plans approved by UDOT 
  • April 2024 UDOT final approval for construction 
  • Project Bids due in May 
  • Construction complete by August 2024

What is being done in the meantime to improve safety at this intersection?

  • Pedestrian detour signs directing pedestrians to cross at Spanish Fork Parkway will be placed at the intersection
  • A speed trailer has been placed at the intersection
  • North leg of the intersection will be closed throughout construction
  • Other safety measures are being evaluated

At a City Council meeting a resident stated that the City received money from UDOT a year ago to complete this project. Is this true?

  • No, this is not true
  • The City is fronting the cost for this project. Once the project has been completed, UDOT will reimburse the City