Mayor Mendenhall's Statement Regarding Saturday's Tragic Accident

Saturday’s accident at 2300 E Canyon Road was a tragedy in Spanish Fork and for our community. Our prayers are with everyone who was involved, especially the two teenage girls and their families. We are also mindful of the witnesses, first responders, the driver, and community members involved in this terrible accident. 

Some are asking “where is the traffic light?” The answer to that is straightforward. We’ve been working with UDOT on plans to study, design, and build a traffic light since the fall 2022.  After a traffic study was completed, the signal was designed last year to be built this year and the project is already out for bid. We anticipate that it will be completed in the next few months.

In the meantime, if you need to cross Canyon Road as a pedestrian, please cross at a traffic light. There is one located just three blocks east of the 2300 East intersection. Parents, please help your young ones know where and how to cross the street safely.

If you’re a driver, no matter where you are on the road, please be heads up for any pedestrians.

With that in mind, we should all focus on the answer to the most important question, “what can we do as a community for the young girls and their families?” Today is a time to come together and pray and hope for the best outcome for these girls. When I heard the news, I hugged my own daughter a little bit tighter. Let’s hug these families a little bit tighter by offering them our love and support. 

May God bless these girls and all involved.

--Mayor Mike Mendenhall