Fire & EMS Secures Federal Grant for New Ice Rescue Equipment

SPANISH FORK, Utah - Spanish Fork Fire & EMS recently acquired ice-rescue equipment for the first time after receiving the federal Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG). This milestone achievement will have a positive impact on the City's emergency services. 

The EMPG, designed to help local and state governments prepare for emergency situations, awarded $25,000 to Spanish Fork City. The grant's rigorous application process includes quarterly reporting requirements and requires the city conduct training and exercises.

“The acquisition of this specialized equipment opens up new avenues for us to serve and protect," Chief Hales stated. "We now have the means to navigate the unique challenges posed by icy waters with precision and efficiency, ensuring swift and effective rescue operations when every second counts."

The new ice-rescue equipment includes two Mustang Ice Commander Rescue Suits, an ice rescue board, carabiners, picks, rescue slings, ropes, ice screws, and more. This equipment, obtained through the EMPG, equips Spanish Fork City's emergency responders with the necessary tools to navigate icy waters and conduct swift and effective rescue operations.

“This equipment marks a crucial milestone in our journey towards bolstering our response toolkit," Chief Hales explained. "With it, we are poised to elevate our team's proficiency by certifying members as Ice Rescue Technicians. This certification will not only validate our expertise but will also signify our readiness to undertake technical ice rescues within our community."

Staff training on the ice-rescue equipment is scheduled for late fall or early winter 2024, with hands-on training and certification testing planned through January/February 2025. This training will ensure that staff can operate the equipment to its fullest potential, further enhancing the city's preparedness for cold-water emergencies.

Receiving this grant would not have been possible without the diligent efforts of Emergency Manager, Trevor Sperry. 

“I commend Trevor for his unwavering commitment and proactive approach in securing this vital resource," Chief Hales stated. "His dedication reflects our department's steadfast commitment to proactive preparedness and continuous improvement."

Acquiring new ice-rescue equipment through the EMPG underscores Fire & EMS’ commitment to proactive emergency preparedness and ensures that residents are better protected from icy conditions in the Spanish Fork River, Spanish Oaks Reservoir, and other places.