Spring Cleaning Book Sale

Spanish Fork Library
Spring Cleaning Book Sale
Saturday, March 16th from 10am to 5pm
Heritage Room, 2nd Floor

Join us for our first book sale in our new building! We'll have all of our used books and other items in one place so it's easier for you to make that perfect find. All purchases support our library programming.

Book Sale FAQs
What'll be at the sale? Is it just books?
We'll certainly have used books, but we'll also have movies, CDs, CD books, and maybe even games/puzzles. Everything has either been removed from our collection or donated by members of the community!

How much does everything cost?

We'll be pricing items as follows (as of 3/15):
  • $5 a bag (so you can fill a regular, grocery-sized bag as much as you can without it breaking for $5!)
  • Or, if not using a bag, $0.50 an item
Do you have a list of used items available that I can look at online?
Unfortunately, no. We have hundreds of used books and items. If we can't add them to our collection, then we aren't able to provide the time needed to record them for an online store or inventory.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept most major credit cards and cash. If you're using a credit card, we just have a $1.00 purchase minimum.

Can I just pick up books or items I want and add the cost as fees to my library card?
No, we can't add book sale balances to library cards or accounts.

Will you be doing another big book sale?
We don't have anything scheduled at this time, but we're hoping to do another large book sale in the Fall, so keep an eye out on our social media or website calendar for updates!

Is there a limit to how many books or items I can buy?
You're welcome to buy as many books as you can carry! We won't have staff available to help transport large purchases, but we will have plastic bags you can use, or you can purchase a reusable fabric book bag for $2.00 each.

I have some books I'd like to donate to the library. Can I bring those to the sale?
Short answer: No, we won't be able to accept donations at the book sale.

Long answer: Not at the book sale, but you can drop (smallish) donations off at the front desk! We accept patron donations during business hours of up to one full banker's box (a 24x15x10.25 in. box) as long as the items are in good condition and not falling apart/missing pieces. We accept books, Blue-Ray/DVDs, music CDs, CD books/audiobooks, and games/puzzles. 

If you have more than the one (smallish) box of items, please call us so we can determine if we have space and staff available to accept the donation. We go through everything that's donated so we can add as much as we can to our collections!

If I bring used books of my own, can I swap those for books at the sale? (Or other items?)
Not at this event, but doing a book swap is definitely an idea we have for the future!