Mayor Mendenhall Gives State of the City Address

Published February 22, 2024

Spanish Fork Mayor Mike Mendenhall delivered the State of the City Address on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

Watch the full address.

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During his speech, Mayor Mendenhall addressed a number of topics. This article highlights his remarks and provides some supplemental information.


Residents can call or text Spanish Fork City to get answers to their questions:

  • Utility Office/General Questions: (801) 804-4500

  • Building Inspections/Community Development: (801) 804-4540

  • Library: (801) 804-4480

  • Parks & Rec: (801) 804-4600

  • Public Works: (801) 804-4550

  • SFCN: (801) 798-2877

2023 Highlights

  • Library Hall opened

  • Electric Park was completed

  • River work to prevent flooding

  • Spanish Fork Parkway opened over the railroad

  • Public safety response to active shooter hoax

Fire & EMS

The Mayor highlighted the 125 years volunteers have been involved in Fire & EMS and credited them for many of the things we've been able to do for the city while keeping property taxes low. "Our City, however, is getting too big to lift by volunteers alone," Mendenhall said. "So, we are working on ways to fund Fire & EMS from already-existing revenues. We are working to prioritize projects in order to meet the challenges of today's service-level expectations."


Another 2024 priority is to update the land-use element of the General Plan, which the Mayor called our "blueprint for growth." He said that growth is going to happen and mentioned three things that are important to understand about growth:

  1. “We have created a vibrant community that people, including our own kids, want to be a part of. I still get the small-town feeling every time state champions ride a fire truck down Main Street!

  2. “State lawmakers continue to push cities to be part of the solution for the housing shortage in Utah.

  3. “Property rights matter. As long as development projects meet the zoning requirements for their properties, they are allowed to develop. This includes the rights a farmer has to sell a farm field, and the rights a new field owner has to build.”

In talking about growth, the Mayor mentioned the Verk Industrial Project, which is one innovative way to address industrial growth and job growth. A website about Verk is currently in development, but it's important to understand that this project is not creating an inland port. 

“The port authority’s involvement in the project is strictly as a funding mechanism to help facilitate the multi-million dollar investments that companies will make to call Spanish Fork home, especially in regards to public infrastructure,” Mendenhall said.

Traffic is a problem. Mayor Mendenhall mentioned some of the challenges with traffic and the need to innovate how residents travel north and south. He presented a video with a north/south corridor plan designed to ease Main Street and US-6. This project will be crucial, especially as both of those major roads experience upgrades and changes in the next few years.

The video of the corridor plan can be found at

Rec Center

Construction on the Indoor/Outdoor Recreation, Aquatic, and Senior Center has begun and is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2025. 

The City is using the time between now and the center’s opening to determine what prices will be for memberships and day use by individuals and families. The Mayor also announced plans for a private endowment fund that will be used to help youth afford memberships to the facility.


"There is a major difference between personal finances and City finances, especially when it comes to debt. For a City, the use of debt, when used wisely, is the fiscally conservative thing to do because those who use the service pay for the service," Mayor Mendenhall said.

The City uses debt wisely on major projects to help keep utility rates predictable and not raise and lower them for every project.

"Looking at debt from this lens is different, but local governments are different and we are trying to find creative and innovative solutions to new- and age-old problems."

Call to Action

"Please join me in a collective commitment to be part of the solutions for Spanish Fork. If you think all you need to do to be an activist is to idly comment on the problems, or pile on the issues on social media, then we’re certainly falling short.

"Please join me in always remembering our agricultural roots. This year is the 100th year of the Utah State Junior Livestock Show, held right here in Spanish Fork for a century. This is the 82nd year of the PRCA Hall of Fame Fiesta Days Rodeo and the Fiesta Days celebrations that come with it each July.

"Please get engaged and get involved. Come out to events, and sign up for programs. Reach out for answers to questions, and more importantly reach out to one another. The 45,000 of us that call Spanish Fork home is what makes us who we are.

"I’m happy to report that the State of the City is STRONG. As your Mayor, Council, and 250 committed full-time employees, we are grateful to those who came before us. Those who created an environment for us to honor the heritage of our ancestors, while leaning into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead."