Seedling Festival & Community Seed Swap

All Ages Seedling Festival and Community Seed Swap
Saturday, January 20th from 10am to Noon
2nd floor lobby & Heritage Room

Join us for a special seedling storytime, local gardening how-tos, and build your own planting kit.

Bring seeds to swap from your garden or grab free seeds from our local seed library. No card required, just come and celebrate the start of a new planting season with us.

Full Event Agenda
  • Seedling Storytime for Families: 10:30am in the Heritage Room
  • Grow Veggies! Gardening in Spanish Fork Class with Diane Hopkins: 11:15am in the Heritage Room
Our Seed Swap, Seed Library, and DIY Planting Craft will be available at anytime between 10am and Noon in the 2nd floor lobby area.

Seedling Festival & Community Seed Swap FAQs

Is there a limit to how many seeds I can bring?
Only as much as you can carry! Just make sure all the seeds are labeled with the year the seeds were harvested, the name of the plant, and where it's from. If they're not heirloom, make sure you label it! (Example: 2023, Local Wildflower Mix, Spanish Fork)

I forgot to label my seeds!
That's fine! We'll have envelopes and markers available so you can label your seeds with the information needed (year harvested, name of plant(s), where it's from).

I have some extra seeds I purchased. Can I bring those?
Yes! As long as they are appropriately labeled or still in the original packet, that's totally fine.

Can I grab local seeds that have been dropped off even if I don't bring some to swap?
If you haven't brought seeds to swap, you can grab seeds from the seed library instead. For the event, we ask that you only take from the swap table if you've brought seeds, too.

I don't have seeds to bring. Can I still come?
Absolutely! You can borrow seeds from our seed library instead!

I don't have a library card. Can I still participate?
Yes! You never need a library card to use our seed library due to the number of community and national donations. Plus, everyone is invited to participate in the seed swap, too, card or no card.

Is there a limit to how many seeds I can take from the seed library?
We ask that you only take what you plant. If you end up having some seeds left over when you plant, you can always bring them back, too!

What happens to the extra seeds on the seed swap table?
Any seeds not claimed during the swap will be added to our seed library for community use.

Do you have more information on your Seed Library?
Yes, we do! Just head to our Seed Library News Page for more info about our seed library.