Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Highlights


The following projects and amounts are highlights of the Spanish Fork City fiscal year 2024 budget.

Electric Park: $1,000,000. Complete construction of Electric Park. The construction of this park has spanned three fiscal years. 

Average Utility Bill: $226.87. The average monthly utility bill for utilities, including internet, remains below average throughout Utah County.

Wastewater Reclamation Facility: $39,000,000. This year's costs for a new Wastewater Reclamation Facility. It is under construction and should be operational in Fall 2025.

Fire & EMS Wages: $2,668,652. Salaries and wages for Fire & EMS.

Police Wages: $4,078,124. Salaries and wages for Police. 

Traffic Projects: $12,700,000. Various traffic projects. SF Parkway RR crossing, 300 W roundabout, new traffic signals (Center St. & Expressway Ln.), road and sidewalk repairs

Abbie Court Playground: $175,000. RAP tax-funded playground replacement at Abbie Court Park.

Recreation Center: $7,500,000. Design & site work of an Indoor Outdoor Aquatic & Recreation Center. *Construction costs will be finalized later this fiscal year.

New SFCN Building: $12,100,000. 
A new SFCN building is currently under construction and will be completed in this fiscal year.

Urban Forest facilities: $300,000. Completion of the Urban Forest parking lot and restrooms.

0% Property Tax Increase. The fiscal year 2024 budget did not have a property tax increase!