Public Notice

April 12, 2023

Spanish Fork City Police Department is currently in possession of unclaimed property held in excess of 90 days, for which ownership is undetermined or we have not been able to contact the owner or finder.  

This was property seized as evidence and is no longer needed, safe kept property being held for the owner and found property where the owner is unknown.  Property consists of cash, bank cards, keys, guns, knives, gym bag, backpack, handbags, wallets, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, clothing, tools, jewelry, keys, ID Cards and cell phones.  Owners of the lost and found property must give verbal description and approximate date of loss to claim these items.

  Spanish Fork Police Department issues notices to Shari Steele, Ivon Lopez-Lemus, Patricia Garcia-Ramblas, Jaylyn Brittain, Lexia Nalty, Nicolas Cruz, Brady Izatt, Brandon Bliss, Megan Newsom, Christopher Carlisle, Steven Green, Chanel Davis, Jaid Wehrenberg, Krisha Harris, Douglas Henrie, Kathryn Seamons, Domanick Silcox, Julio Camposano-Castillo, Orlando Berriel-Navejar, Nathon Barney, Nicole Hamilton, Karen Smith, Stephanie Goodman, Marleny Campos, Jessie Kolesar, Mitchell Odom, Kelly Gardner, Aaron Morse, Robert Houghton, Mitchell Petersen, Jerry Bomgaars, Christopher Schwab, Cynthia Wilson, James Platts, Marty Clayton, Justin Schmidt, Jeffery Schramm, Travis Stowell, Vennessa Whitehorse, Valerie Mills, Matthew Harrison, Victor Godoy, Albert Berriel, Jebediah Musser, Brandon Barney, Tayvin Brandon, Brooke Petersen, Cathay Harris, Jordan Forbes, Roy Ponciroli, Tiffany Jensen, Brian Butterfield, Veronika Thrall, David Miller, Latroy Wright, Abigail Matheny, Jennifer Starkey, Jacob Killpack, Lisa Cox, John Johnson, Jesse Finch, Bonnie Gillman, Chris Perry.  The above-mentioned individuals must contact Lt. Cory Slaymaker to claim property belonging to listed persons. 

Pursuant to State Code 77-24a-5 if the above-described property is not claimed by May 9, 2023  at 12:00 noon it will be sold at auction or disposed of.  If you believe the City has property belonging to you contact Lt. Cory Slaymaker at 801-804-4700.