New Festival of Lights Traffic Pattern

November 18, 2022

In the summer of 2022, the US-6/Powerhouse Road intersection was reconfigured,  shifting the alignment of the eastbound right turn lane and eliminating the road shoulder. Because of this redesign, we’ve adjusted the route to enter the Festival of Lights. Starting this year, event-goers will access Powerhouse Road from River Bottoms Road, and not from US-6. 

This route change means vehicles on eastbound Highway 6 will turn south onto Spanish Fork Parkway and then onto Canyon Road. Signs will point them the rest of the way to the Festival of Lights (down 3400 East to River Bottoms Road).

Those traveling westbound on Highway 6 from the canyon will turn left onto Canyon Road and go to the end of the line, on 3400 East and River Bottoms Road or on Canyon Road.

All other traffic will be able to access the Festival of Lights from River Bottoms Road, and queue on 3400 E and Canyon Road during peak times.

“There may be some nights when the line of vehicles will make it up to Canyon Road,” Parks and Recreation Director Dale Robinson stated. “But for the majority of nights, we anticipate the line staying on Powerhouse and River Bottoms roads.” 

“If you’re coming east from River Bottoms road and notice the line on 3400 E, just hang a left and safely find and enter the end of the line,” Robinson continued. “We trust that drivers will be courteous to others in line and neighborhood traffic as we navigate the change.”

Chief Matt Johnson of Spanish Fork Police Department observed, “Drivers will need to be respectful to not block the driveways and intersections that serve local residents. This is the best alternative we have to get traffic off of US-6 and we will all need to be patient so we can work through this new route together.”

As part of the new traffic pattern, and to help keep local residents and Festival of Lights patrons safe, the City & UDOT have approved a no-parking zone on the south side of Canyon Road from Spanish Fork Parkway to 3400 East. Street parking will still be available on the north side of Canyon Road (except during snowstorms when all on-street parking is prohibited). 

Some residents may have a concern that event traffic could affect Fire & EMS personnel’s ability to respond out of Station 62 on Canyon Road.

“After studying this issue, there is no evidence to suggest the traffic pattern change will slow emergency response times,” remarked Chief Eddie Hales of the Spanish Fork Fire & EMS department. “It will take some getting used to, but the new route is a much safer alternative.

“We had to make a change to avoid having vehicles lined up alongside 60+ mph traffic going into the canyon.”


The Festival of Lights is celebrating 30 years this year and has averaged over eighteen thousand vehicles each season for the past 5 years. The per-vehicle admission cost is $10 for a single family vehicle, $25 for a commercial van or vehicle towing a trailer, and $50 for a bus.