We are excited to roll out our Utility Usage Portal! 

The purpose of this program is to give utility users the opportunity to take a more active role in their drinking water, pressurized irrigation, and power consumption. The goal for Spanish Fork City doing this is to help educate the utility user and residents in personal conservation which makes our current systems more efficient, by making maintenance costs more economical and prolonging the life of our resources.

This program is for those responsible for the utility bill, which means that if you have a landlord that pays the city utility bills you will be unable to participate. You will need a copy of your bill to refer to, it contains the appropriate information needed to sign up. The following links will aid you in the signup and different features available on the customer portal.

Historically Spanish Fork City has read water usage in the 1000’s of gallons. This was done for ease of billing. Unfortunately, this configuration was limited and kept us from seeing smaller increments that help with leak detection and water conservation. Since March 2019, Spanish Fork City has been preparing for this program by updating the water metering system to read usage down to the gallon for residential areas.

For more info and to signup, visit spanishfork.org/usageportal.