Spanish Fork Public Works Week: Streets & Stormwater

Published May 22, 2021 - Facebook Post

Spanish Fork Public Works Week: Streets & Stormwater
"I can almost guarantee you won't find a pothole on a City-maintained street in Spanish Fork. Credit for this goes to our fantastic street crews!" -Mayor Leifson

The Streets and Stormwater Division is responsible for the maintenance of City streets, storm drains, the Spanish Fork River, and Dry Creek. Flooding is a big concern for City crews. Each fall crews work to clean out obstructions in the river.

For every dollar the City spends sealing a road, $6 to $10 are saved later in road maintenance. Knowing this, the City started an aggressive road seal program 11 years ago. This program is paying huge dividends now as most all of the City-owned streets have now been sealed and maintained.

Every street is swept at least twice a year. Last year we swept over 700 lane miles and collected 304 tons of debris. We maintain a prioritized list of sidewalk repair needs. Repairs are most efficiently made by block area. When repair requests are made they are immediately evaluated, painted, and placed on the priority list.

The streets crew also takes care of snow removal each winter on City streets and quickly clear main thoroughfares during storms.