Spanish Fork Public Works Week: Water

Published May 19, 2021 - Facebook Post

Spanish Fork Public Works Week: Water
"The Spanish Fork Water Division has done an incredible job protecting and securing our water supply and limiting water loss through our system." -Mayor Leifson

pwwh2oThe Water Division of Public Works has worked hard to reduce unaccounted-for water waste. The national average of unaccounted-for water is about 25%. In the City, we have been able to cut this unaccounted for water waste in half to just over 10%. Practices like leak detection, replacing old water lines, and better metering have been part of this achievement.

Another very successful program to conserve water-the Rachio smart controller. Anyone with an existing sprinkler system can go to the City website and sign up to have a new smart sprinkler system controller professionally installed for free. This controller will monitor the weather and help ensure that sprinklers are not wasting water. Visit to sign up and get other conservation tips!