Spanish Fork Public Works Week: Airport

Published May 18, 2021 - Facebook Post

Spanish Fork Public Works Week: Airport
 "The Spanish Fork Airport has been a great addition to our public works department since the City took full ownership of its operation a couple of years ago." -Mayor Leifson
The Spanish Fork Airport (SPK) known as Woodhouse Field, is world-famous! We are a home base for Gail Halvorsen, the World War II Candy Bomber, and Patey’s record-breaking Draco aircraft.

The airport is growing quickly. We have almost 97 hangars with 19 more on the way and even more proposed. We currently have over 200 planes based on the field! The airport does a lot to support and attract good corporations to Spanish Fork City.

We recently installed an automatic guidance system to help planes navigate into the airport on cloudy days and we are very excited to have begun construction on Taxiway Bravo on the east side of the runway. This should be the start of some good development along Main Street.

Twice a year children in the community can sign up online to participate in the Young Eagles program where volunteer pilots take over 100 kids on a flight around the city. Look for sign-up instructions in our upcoming Wings and Wheels advertisements. pwwairport4