2020 Rodeo FAQs


My family member has a condition that prevents or makes it difficult for them to wear a mask. Will they be required to still wear one?

Yes. Masks will need to be worn by each attendee. If mask-wearing is an issue then tune in to the Cowboy Channel to enjoy the rodeo from your home.

Will I have to wear a mask the entire time?

Yes, because attendees won’t be able to practice physical distancing, face masks will be required during the event.

Can I bring a mask or will one be provided?

Attendees can wear whatever face-covering they are comfortable with.  Each attendee at the rodeo will be given a Fiesta Days bandana that can be used as a face covering. Or, you wear one of your own creation or design.  Have fun with this.  You can decorate your mask to celebrate Fiesta Days, the Rodeo, or in any other fun or positive way you imagine.

Do my children have to wear a mask?

According to the CDC, any child under age 2 should not wear a mask or face covering. Children older than 2 should wear a face covering or mask.

Do bandanas count as masks?

Yes! And they are cool! The real cowboys in the Old West wore bandanas, and this year we will too! According to the CDC, any cloth face covering may slow the spread of the virus.


Are concessions going to be available?

Yes! Concessions will be set up in different locations this year to be more spread out and to facilitate walking around the arena.

Will vendors be required to wear masks? What other safety measures will vendors take?

Yes, like attendees, all vendors will be required to wear masks. Vendors will be required to follow the latest state and county guidelines.  Those are updated each week.  Other safety measures will include: spacing while in lines, contactless payments, symptom checking of employees and more.

Will cash be accepted for vendor transactions?

All vendors and the ticket office will be encouraged to use contactless payment.  Some may choose to accept cash.  Attendees should plan ahead to use credit or debit cards at the rodeo.

Other Preventative Measures

Will there be temperature checks at the rodeo entrance?

No, we will not check attendees at the gates. Ticket holders that are experiencing any type of symptoms associated w/ COVID-19 should not attend this event. There may be symptom screening for all rodeo participants as required by the PRCA and Utah County Health Department.

Will the gates open earlier to stagger entrance times?

Yes.  As announced last year, the Rodeo will have an earlier start time this year.  Our rodeo will begin at 7:30 pm.  Gates will open at 6:00 pm and food vendors will be open and ready to serve customers at 6 pm.  We encourage attendees to come early to decrease the general line congestion.

Will restrooms be available?

Yes, all restrooms will be available for attendees to use and they will be sanitized on a regular basis.

Will there be hand sanitizer stations at the fairgrounds?


What cleaning procedures will be implemented?

High touch areas will be sanitized frequently throughout the arena and in the bathrooms. 

Should I come to the rodeo if I or someone in my party is feeling sick??

No. For your safety and the safety of other attendees, please stay home from Fiesta Days events if you are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19.  Refunds will be available for those unable to attend due to illness.

What happens if, after the rodeo, we find out that someone in attendance tests positive for COVID-19?

In this scenario, the state and county health departments will use attendance and seating assignments to assist with contact tracing efforts. 

Tickets & Refunds

Can I request a refund for my tickets?

Yes, ticket holders who are uncomfortable coming may request a refund before Friday, June 19. Please call 801.804.4501  to request a refund.

Can I request a refund the same day as the rodeo if I am feeling sick?

Yes, refunds will be issued after the June 19 deadline for those exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19. Please call 801.804.4501 to request a refund before 6:00 PM the date of the event.

Can I purchase tickets at the fairgrounds the night of the rodeo?

Yes, if there are still tickets available. You will be required to give information so we are able to provide contact tracing capabilities to the state health department.