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Sewer Questions

What do I do if I have a sewer back up?

Turn off everything in the house that is using water. If water stops rising call a plumber, otherwise call the Sewer Department at (801) 804-4443.

Who is responsible for maintaining a sewer lateral?

Residents are responsible to clean their sewer laterals all the way to the mainline in the road. If the lateral is damaged the resident is only responsible for the sewer lateral repair from the sidewalk to the home. See Sewer Lateral Exhibit. The City will arrange for all work to be paid for by the City. The City will not reimburse residents for any work they have done.

Water bubbled or sprayed out of my toilet. What should I do?

This can briefly happen when the City cleans the lines in the street, generally once every 4 years. Please call 801-804-4433 to report this whenever it happens. 

I have sewer smells in my house, what can I do?

This usually occurs when p-traps dry up. Run water into all the drains of your home to refill the p-traps.

The manhole lid is making loud noises when cars drive over it.

Manhole lids can rock and cause loud noises as they wear down over time. To report a manhole concern, please call 801-804-4433.

What is a sewer cleanout, lateral, and main line?

Please see the  Sewer Lateral Exhibit. 



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