Questions & Requests


How do I report a damaged power box or power line?

Keep everyone clear and call 801.804.4440. If unable to contact someone at  801.804.4440, call 911.

What should I do about a tree that is growing into a power line?

Fill out an online service request for trees in power lines.

How do I report a street light that is out?

Fill out an online service request for street light repairs.

What are the net metering rates?

Do we receive power from windmills at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon?

The windmills are owned and operated by a private company, from which Spanish Fork City receives rental, sales tax, and energy sales tax revenue. The power produced by the windmills feeds the regional power grid that Spanish Fork City is connected to but is sold elsewhere.

What school and youth group programs are available?

We offer tours of equipment, substations, and high-voltage demonstrations. To schedule a tour or demonstration, please contact the Assistant Power and Light Superintendent at 801.804.4629.

How can I view my past power usage?

See the online Customer Usage Request Form.

Is there a way for me to get renewable energy from the city directly?

Yes, customers can enroll in our Renew Choice Program.

Net Metering Questions

Does the City offer a 1 to 1 kWh credit?

Yes, the kWhs you produce are used to offset the kWh you consume before you are billed on the net kWhs.

Do the excess kWhs I produce carry over to the next month?

Yes, the excess energy you produce will carry over from month to month until the solar season resets in February. Any credit at this point will be forfeited.

If I am producing my own power why am I still on the City's power system?

Most solar systems do not generate enough electricity to fully sustain a customer year round to be “off grid”. They also do not have batteries to supply power at night.

If the City’s power goes out will my power remain on?

Unless you have a battery backup for your solar system, when the power grid goes down you will be out of power.

How do I apply for net metering?


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