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General FAQs

How do I report construction dust and debris?

Call 801-804-4570.

There is water ponding in my backyard. What should I do?

After storms or snow melt, ponding in yards is normal until grass or vegetation is established. If water is coming in from neighboring property that is a civil issue that the City does not interfere with.

What do I need to do before digging in my yard?

Call 811 or visit to submit a ticket. Blue Stakes will come out and mark where underground utilities are located. Protect the marking during your project and carefully dig when 2 feet using hand tools within 2 feet of the markings.

Why was the road/my yard/property painted (Blue Staked)?

Someone has requested that the underground utilities be marked so they can safely dig in the area

Can the City survey my property?

No, property owners must hire a private surveyor. The City has a bidders list of surveyors.

Who needs an excavation permit?

Anyone digging from the back of sidewalk into the road or connecting to a city utility. See the Excavation Permit website.

How do I apply for an excavation permit?

When do I get my excavation permit deposit refunded?

Half of the deposit will be released when the project passes the final inspection. The remaining funds are retained through a one year warranty period. After it passes the one-year inspection the remaining deposit will be released.

What are the rules and regulations regarding septic tanks?

City Code 13.24.040 Septic Tanks and the Private Disposal of Wastewater requires at least a 5-acre lot and City Engineer approval for new septic tanks. New septic tanks are not allowed in any area where existing City sewer lines are close. Septic tank installation is regulated by Utah County (801) 851-8000.

Does the City buy or lease water shares?

No. For additional information contact Marlo Smith at 801-804-4541.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) FAQs

What are the SWPPP requirements?

See SWPPP Requirements or call 801-804-4570.

Storm water is backing up. What should I do?

If there is a cover over the storm inlet cal 801-804-4570, otherwise call 801-804-4400 extension 3.

Traffic FAQs

Who do I call if I have an issue with a state road or traffic signal?

Major UDOT roads include: 400 N, 100 W (west of Main St), Canyon Rd, Main St, SR-51, and US-6. Contact UDOT Region 3 at 801-227-8000.

What can I do about a speeding complaint?

I need to request a stop sign or yield sign. Where do I do that?

See the Traffic Sign or Traffic Signal Request Form. For more information regarding stop signs, check out the Stop Sign Fact Sheet.

I have a pedestrian safety concern. What should I do?

Can the City install speed bumps on my street?

The City does not allow speed bumps because of the following:

  • Negative impact on snow plows.
  • Expensive to install, maintain, and remove.
  • Encourages traffic to re-route to other residential streets.
  • Interference with emergency vehicle response time.
  • Vehicle damage.
  • Increased noise levels from speeding up after bump.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency.

Why roundabouts?

Roundabouts are safer and allow traffic to continuously flow through an intersection. See the Roundabout Fact Sheet.

Where can I find traffic data?

Development Engineering FAQs

How do I calculate the Transportation Impact Fee?

How much does it cost to get my mylar recorded?

How do I schedule a Public Works Inspection?

Call Shawn Jorgensen at 801-921-9883 or Louis Schardine at 435-469-2472.

How do I schedule material testing? (density, concrete, asphalt, etc)

Call PEC at 385-290-0990.

How do I schedule a final inspection?

Call Shelley Hendrickson at 801-804-4592 or Jerri Ann Finch at 801-804-4558.

When can I schedule a pre-construction meeting?

After the following:

  1. DRC approval
  2. Fees paid
  3. SWPPP approved
  4. Excavator completes Excavation Permit Application.

Who needs to attend a pre-construction meeting?

The following need to attend:

  1. Contractor
  2. Excavator
  3. Electrical sub-contractor

When can I get my plat mylar recorded?

After the following:

  1. DRC approval
  2. Fees paid
  3. Bond posted
  4. Applicable signatures

What utilities exist on or near my property?

When recording plat with Utah County do the CCR's, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws need to be submitted all at the same time?

For condominiums the CCR's need to be submitted with the plat when it is recorded. Other items can be submitted separately.

What are impact fees and how much are they?

Impact fees are city fees primarily paid with a new building permit and/or final plat. Impact fees help pay for new infrastructure required to maintain a level of service due to new growth. See our Master Plans & Impact Fees page for more information.

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