Connector & Impact Fee Reimbursement Agreements


calculator and financial documentsThe Development Engineering Division is responsible for receiving and processing applications for impact fee eligible infrastructure.

What improvements are impact-fee eligible?

Title of the Spanish Fork Municipal Code states:

Growth related infrastructure that does not have local connections shall be eligible for 100% reimbursement through impact fees. If there are local connections, the difference between the regional and local infrastructure cost shall be eligible for reimbursement from impact fees. 600 amp and larger electric lines are fully reimbursable from impact fees. Street lights are included in the cost of the street cross-section. Eligible projects become reimbursable once they are added to the Impact Fee Facilities Plan (IFFP). The City Public Works Director will determine when projects will be added to the IFFP.

When and how much do I get paid back?

The City publishes an updated Impact Fee Facilities Plan (IFFP) and Impact Fee Analysis (IFA) each year with additional impact fee-eligible projects from the previous year.

Once your project is added to these documents and approved by Council, you will receive a partial reimbursement the subsequent September. Your reimbursement is based on the following factors:

  1. Your approved impact fee-eligible project cost amount.
  2. The impact fee-eligible project costs for other projects of the same utility.
  3. The amount of fees the City collected the previous year to distribute.

How do I apply for reimbursement or connector agreements?

All connector impact fee reimbursement applications shall be made through CitizenServe. The following information will be required in order to process the application:

  1. Application fee of $655.
  2. Scanned copies of invoices for all work completed that you want to be reimbursed.
  3. Construction drawings with each item from the invoice highlighted.
  4. Summary of invoices on a single spreadsheet in Google Sheets shared with