Festival of Lights

  • Turn off your headlights
  • Stay in your vehicles at all times
  • No stopping or parking along the route
  • For groups coming to Festival of Lights in multiple vehicles where one person is paying for the entire group, please make sure that the person paying is in the first vehicle of the group
  • No second drive thru the displays will be allowed from Friday, December 4 - Friday, Dec 25.
  • No horse-drawn wagons or carriages allowed
  • Please use the far right lane when driving to Festival of Lights on Powerhouse Road to allow for through traffic to pass.

Due to the layout of Canyon View Park, the turn to "go around again" is difficult and hazardous. On especially busy, high volume nights, traffic comes to a standstill within the park if cars are trying to make this turn to "go around again" as they block traffic from both directions. Because of this, cars will NOT be permitted to make this turn and "go around again" from Friday, December 4 - Friday, Dec 25. We appreciate your help as we want Festival of Lights to be a safe, pleasant experience for everyone. On any of the other less busy evenings, you are welcome to "go around again" as many times as you wish.


The Oaks at Spanish Fork will not be available for Festival of Lights parking or for trailers loading passengers. To accommodate Festival of Lights patrons, the City has received permission from the Little Acorn and Prestwich Farms for Festival of Lights patrons to use their parking lots to stage trailers and to park vehicles for carpooling. Festival of Lights patrons may use these parking lots (corner of US 6 and Powerhouse Road) nightly between 6 and 10 pm.

Festival Of Lights Parking Map