Vote By Mail


Spanish Fork City has contracted with Utah County to conduct an all Vote By Mail Election. Voters will need to be registered to vote by the dates listed on our Voter Registration page in order to receive a ballot in the mail. ONLY registered voters will receive ballots that will be mailed out 21 days before the election. Visit to make sure you are registered and at the correct address.

A voter may research the candidates and follow the instructions on the ballot to vote. Fold ballot and put it in the affidavit envelope provided. VOTER MUST SIGN THE ENVELOPE WHERE INDICATED! Moisten the two shiny adhesive strips and seal your ballot safely in the envelope and this will keep people from being able to see your signature when its in the mail. The envelope with ballot sealed inside MUST be postmarked (City will pay the postage) BEFORE Election Day or brought to the Election Service Center the day of the election. If a person does not receive a ballot in the mail, they should contact the Utah County Elections Office (801.851.8128). Ballots are only mailed to registered voters. See how to get registered on the Voter Registration page.

Election Service Center
With a Vote By Mail Election, there is no need for polling places. The City will provide an Election Service Center that will be open during traditional voting hours, 7:00am to 8:00pm on Election Day only, at the Senior Citizen Center, 167 West Center Street. The Election Service Center is NOT intended to be a polling place, rather it is a place for voters to go to receive help or drop off your ballot envelope you received in the mail. At the Election Service Center a provisional ballot may be cast once valid proof of identification and proof of residency is shown. This will take several minutes to vote a provisional ballot. It is recommended to vote with the ballot you receive in the mail.