Children's Market


Spanish Fork Children's Market - made by kids, sold by kids, since 2017

When: August 10, 2024

The Spanish Fork Children's Market is a crafts and goods market that is made by kids and sold by kids. The Market will be held on Saturday, August 10 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the City Park located at 49 South Main Street.

Children's Market Map

Children's Market Booth Assignments - Coming Soon!

Children's Market Guidelines

Invitation Hand Outs

Booth Fees

Single Booth - $10: This option is for one (1) person selling in a booth.
Double Booth - $15: This option is for a single booth with two (2) sellers.
Group Booth - $20: This option is for up to four (4) sellers in one booth. The group booth has two sides for selling items.

Please apply online for a booth. Online registration will end on August 5 or when booth spaces fill up.

If any food items are for sale in your booth, the following rules apply:

  1. Children who will be selling food items ON SITE such as cotton candy, snow cones, lemonade, this is considered LOW RISK and does not require any future permits. Children who are preparing and selling food items ON SITE such as hamburgers, hotdogs, etc., must have an adult with them who has a food handler permit and a temporary booth permit from the Utah County Health Department. All persons handling food must comply with all Health Department regulations including acquiring all permits. Please contact Utah County Environmental Health at (801) 851-7525 for more information.
  2. Children who will be selling food items that were MADE OFF SITE need to follow the Homemade Food Act and follow all the guidelines including posting a sign that states that the food being sold is “not regulated”.  If your items involve meat, the only meats that can be used are homegrown chickens and rabbits. Beef and pork cannot be used under the Homemade Food Act. Vendors with Cottage Food Permits or permits from a county health department are exempt from this. You will find the Homemade Food Act and an example of a sign that may be printed on the Homemade Food Information Packet.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact the Parks & Recreation Office at 801-804-4608 or email