Drinking Water

Currently, all of Spanish Fork City’s drinking water is supplied by 3 springs and is chlorinated before entering the distribution system. The drinking water system has approximately 265 miles of distribution main ranging from 4 to 30 inches in diameter, with over 12,000 customer connections. Residential drinking water service sizes are typically 3/4 or 1 inch, while commercial drinking water service sizes can vary from 2, 4, or 6 inches, running from the City’s distribution main line to the property’s meter.

Retail Water Line Disclosure: The retail drinking water service lateral line is the pipe that extends between the main water pipe in the road and the home or business. Drinking water meters are typically located in the park strip area or just behind the sidewalk. Spanish Fork City is responsible for the retail water service lateral line from the water main pipe in the road to the meter. The property owner is responsible for it between the meter and the home or business. See Title 13.04.030H and SB 45.

Year Gallons Provided Population Per Capita Usage
Per Capita Usage
2018 1,335,490,000 38,979 34,262 94
2019 1,339,226,000 39,371 34,016 93
2020 1,400,026,000 42,895 32,638 89
2021 1,369,710,000 47,169 29,038 79
3 springs
2 pumping wells
The State of Utah goal is 225 gallons combined (DW and PI) per person per day by 2025.