To Sign Up
If you would like to order a blue recycle can you can do one of two things:

  1. Call 801-804-4501 to request the service be added to your utility bill.
  2. Come to the City Utility window at 40 S. Main Street during normal business hours.

The collection company will come every other week to empty your recycle bin. You can check the 2020 Garbage/Recycling Pickup Schedule or the City Calendar to see when recycling is next scheduled to be picked up. The monthly cost can be found on the Utility Rates page.

How it Works What_Can_I_Recycle
Recyclable items include paper, plastic, cardboard, tin cans, magazines, etc. all of which can be placed in the same bin. For more information on acceptable and unacceptable recycling items, please see the lists found on the SUVSWD recycling page or the Republic Services recycling page or watch the video below.

For info on locations you may take recycling items to, Please Click Here.

How to Opt-Out
You may opt-out of the recycling program only during the month of December or when you have just moved and you are setting up a new account. Just call 801.804.4501 and request that the can be picked up.

Spanish Fork's Recycling Efforts
Spanish Fork City belongs to a solid waste special service district along with Springville, Provo, Mapleton, Woodland Hills, and Salem. Together, the cities share the cost for garbage disposal. The price each city pays for each ton of garbage collected hinges on how much trash that city contributes, to the landfill, relative to the other cities.

In the past, other cities in the service district have increased recycling with opt-out recycling programs. These efforts have reduced their city's trash contributions and, thereby, made the cost of trash collection cheaper for their city, because they reduced the relative amount of trash contributed.

Spanish Fork's efforts to recycle have been dwarfed by those of other cities'. Our modest recycling efforts have caused the relative tons of garbage Spanish Fork contributes to increase, thus increasing the cost per ton of garbage collected from the city. To bring down the cost of garbage disposal for everyone, we needed to increase our recycling efforts to match or exceed those efforts of other cities within our special district.

In 2009, the City began an opt-in curbside recycling program. This brought the curbside recycling level to about 25% of Spanish Fork households. In the fall of 2014, the City implemented an opt-out recycling program. This effort increaded the City's curbside recycling participation to about 60%.

Recycling programs lower the long run costs of trash collection by lowering the city's relative garbage contribution. The cost of providing the recycling service is decreased because the costs are spread over more residents. Recycling is also an environmentally responsible activity. It saves natural resources, it saves energy, it reduces the need for landfill space, and it lowers the need to use toxic chemicals.


Is the city getting paid by someone for these recyclables?
Yes. The total cost of recycling is off-set by selling the recycled goods, but not enough to completely off-set the cost of collecting them. Depending on the market price, the city receives $10 to $20 per ton of recycling materials. The revenue from the sale of the recyclables does reduce the total price for the service.

Why are we being charged to recycle?
The money that the city receives for the recycled materials does not equal what it costs to do curbside pickup. The city is only charging what it costs. Residents can choose to opt-out and recycle on their own.

Why should I pay the same amount for garbage collection for the two not-even-full kitchen size bags I put out each week as someone whose container is full to the brim?
Unfortunately, there is no way to split out the costs for providing trash service so everyone must pay the same amount each month, regardless of how much they throw away.

I moved to a household with a recycling can. I don't want to pay for this can. What do I do?
You can opt-in or out when setting up an account.

Can I just use my recycling can and opt-out of the trash collecting service?
No. Trash collection is a mandatory service required by law.

What if I put my recycling can out and it wasn't emptied?
You must call Republic Services at 801-785-5935 by 3 PM the day after your regular pick-up day to schedule a go back.

Is the city considering offering a smaller trash can option with a smaller tipping fee?
Not at this time.

Does the city plan to offer a green fiber recycle can? If not, what should I do with my yard work waste?
We are not considering curbside green waste pickup right now. Green waste can be dropped off as indicated here:

If I choose to opt-out, how can I still recycle?
The solid waste district accepts recyclable material free of charge at the Transfer Station located at 2450 West 400 South in Springville. (By the new Love's Truck Stop in Springville) Some local schools also have paper recycling bins in their parking lots, where you may take some appropriate items to support your local school.