Weed Control

Weed Abatement Plan
In order to help reduce the risk of fire, and eliminate the hindrance of visibility due to weed growth, Spanish Fork City has put into practice a weed abatement plan. Under this plan, it is our goal that all roads are sprayed the September before, and the April of, the year any street maintenance is preformed. The streets are also evaluated and sprayed 2 weeks before maintenance if necessary. Mowing in problem areas performed twice a year, once in May and once in August. These areas will also be sprayed when necessary. When spraying these problem areas the following items are also sprayed:
  • Street Signs
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Valves, Manholes, and Inlet Boxes
  • Fence Lines, and other public facilities

Areas that will not be sprayed, only mowed.

  • Pump houses
  • Water tanks
  • Collection areas of Springs

Citizen requests are evaluated and addressed as received and budget allows. To make a request please visit the Citizen Support Center.