Questions & Requests

Is storm water treated?

No, but the City does require pre-treatment of storm water with oil separation, dirt and leaf cleanouts and Low Impact Development (LID). LID is the process of allowing storm water to enter back into the ground as it did before development.

Are the storm water and sewer systems separate?

Yes. Please don’t allow contaminates into the storm water system since it overflows to Utah Lake.

Will the City pick up bagged leaves and tree trimmings?

No, they can be placed in the black curbside garbage cans. Each resident is given 3 vouchers a year to take green waste to the transfer station

Why can't I wash things down the gutter to the storm drain?

Utah Lake is becoming more and more contaminated leading to harmful and unsightly algal blooms.

Who is responsible for repairing the driveway over the gutter?

The homeowner is responsible for all driveway repairs. Driveway repairs between the sidewalk and the street require an Excavation Permit.

Who is responsible for sidewalk repair?

The City. Repairs are prioritized and repaired as budgets allow. See the online Sidewalk and Gutter Repair Request Form.

When will my street be swept?

Streets are swept at least twice a year. See the online Street Sweeping Request Form.

When will my road be fixed?

We try to do maintenance on each road every 7 to 10 years. Potholes are addressed weekly. See the online Street Repair Request Form.

How do I report a damaged sign?

How do I request a stop sign, signal, or other sign?

Signs can only be installed if a warrant study shows they are needed. See the online Traffic Sign or Traffic Signal Request Form.

How do I report a street light that is out?

How do I request a street light?

See the online Traffic Signal Request Form.

What if something is blocking the visibility of a street sign?

For vegetation see the online Traffic Sign or Tree Trimming Request Form. For all other issues call 801-804-4550 Extension 3.