Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance and Repair
As citizens of Spanish Fork City, we pride ourselves on the quality of our streets. We as a division try to provide quality streets for each citizen by using a variety of treatment types. When used at the proper time, the proper treatment ensures a higher quality road for a longer amount of time for less money.

The treatment types are as follows:

  1. Crack Seal
  2. Mineral Seal (HA5)
  3. Slurry Seal
  4. Chip Seal
  5. Asphalt Overlay

Crack Seal: The crack sealing material is designed to seal up fractures and cracks that develop in asphalt due to the freeze and thaw cycle in our climate. Its purpose is to keep water out of the base & sub base. Water is the greatest threat to our roads.

Mineral Seal (HA5): The purpose of this treatment is to restore the binder, a glue that holds the asphalt together. It's also used to water proof and keep the UV rays off. Direct sunlight will reduce the life span of asphalt. HA5 is to Asphalt, what sun screen is to skin.

Slurry Seal: Provides a new layer to be worn out without further damaging the existing road. It can be used to fix slight depressions and prevent water from pooling.

Chip Seal: Chip sealing is a very cost effective way to get more years of life out of your road. Spanish Fork has used this for several years and we have many roads that are chipped. Chip sealing is not popular with the public and they often voice their opinions and dissatisfaction about it. Our goal is to try and discontinue the use of Chip Sealing in residential areas and limit it to the outskirts of town and in industrial areas.

Asphalt Overlay: Asphalt overlay is done when the road has reached the end of its life cycle and there are no more cost effective ways to treat the pavement.

A more comprehensive overview of the Pavement Management Plan was given in City Council in November, 2010. To view the PowerPoint given, please click here.

Although city crews inspect city streets and report problems, we greatly rely on citizens to help inform us of these problems. If you find a pothole or street that needs to be repaired in your area, please contact us at (801) 804-4454 or make a request in our Citizen Support Center.

The Spanish Fork City Streets Division relies on the help of citizens to be successful in repairing and maintaining our roads. Below you will find a list of things that you can do to help us keep our town beautiful and functional.

  • Notify us at (801) 804-4454 or make a request in the Citizen Support Center if you notice damaged or missing street signs, potholes, hazardous sidewalks and/or curb and gutter, or any other problems.
  • During winter, please do not park your vehicle on the street so that the snowplows are able to safely plow your streets without risk of damaging property.
  • During street maintenance in your area please do not park on the road for 48 hours, or as long as crews are still working in the area. Also, please make sure your sprinklers do not spray water on any part of the street during that time. Do not spin your tires or turn sharply on the new road surfaces.
  • Place garbage cans on pickup day away from obstructions and in clear view.