A Message from the Streets Division Manager
As you read through the pages of this web site, you will see that we do a variety of different jobs. All of our employees are assigned to, and specialize in, a specific area. All employees take pride in what they are assigned to, and strive to improve the quality of life we all have here in Spanish Fork.

Because of changing times, the Streets Department has had to become very creative and go the extra mile in order to make things work within budget. When there is change there is challenges, but with challenges come opportunities.

I would like to thank my department for seizing these opportunities, thinking outside the box, going the extra mile, and for doing all they can to make Spanish Fork a great place to live.

I would also like to thank city management and the City Council for their continued support.


James M. Chappel

Streets Division Manager
James M. Chappel
Office 801-804-4454

Our Mission Statement
The mission of Spanish Fork City Streets Division is to enhance the quality of life through excellence in professional services and efficient management. We will provide timely, comprehensive support, responsive to the needs of our community.

Services Provided
Concrete Maintenance
Sign Maintenance
Street Maintenance and Repair

Street Snow Removal
Weed Control

Transportation Planning
Bicycle and Trail Facilities
Future Maintenance and Reconstruction Projects
Goals and Policies
Master Trails Plan Map
Street Classification System
Street Maintenance
Traffic Studies
Transportation Master Plan

On Call/After Hours Number: (801) 804-4440

Streets & Stormwater Division Contact Information

James Chappel
Streets Division Manager
James Chappel
(801) 804-4454
Rick Hawkins
Concrete Maintenance Foreman
Rick Hawkins
(801) 804-4452
Ed Roberts
Traffic Operations & Stormwater Foreman
Ed Roberts
(801) 804-4456