Concrete Maintenance

City crews inspect sidewalks and curb/gutter documenting potential high-risk or hazardous areas. All city sidewalks are inspected every five years. High-priority areas such as parks, schools, shopping areas, and public meeting houses, are inspected annually. Each problem is rated and prioritized in order to help crews effectively cover high-priority problems first to decrease injury and risk. Problems are addressed as warranted and as budget money is available. Handicap accessibility and citizen requests are the highest priority. The three ways we approach concrete repairs are as follows:


Holes are drilled into areas of sinking concrete. A mixture of concrete and dirt or sand is then pumped underneath the slab of concrete lifting it, thus leveling the concrete and eliminating trip hazards.


When surfaces are uneven and can't be leveled by pumping, we grind the uneven edge until the trip hazard is eliminated.


If the sidewalk's integrity is compromised such that it can no longer be pumped or ground, we will fully replace the sidewalk.

If you have a request for concrete repair in your area, go to the Citizen Support Center