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According to the utility maps, there are approximately 469 sumps (both municipally and privately owned), 111 miles of underground storm drain line (municipally and privately owned), and 3.88 miles of groundwater collection lines. There are also irrigation ditches throughout the town which are used to help in storm runoff. 

We have implemented a maintenance plan for the storm drain utility. Our goal is to eliminate pollutants from entering the storm water system to the maximum extent possible, and also to have a well maintained system that eliminates flooding due to heavy or extended rainfall. The main goal of our plan is to have a well maintained system that runs efficiently and eliminates flooding problems within the city. This will be done by a number of activities which include: public education, street sweeping, cleaning by the jet truck, mapping/updating current maps, tracking the cleaning/inspection process, and repairing any problems reported.


What can I do to help?

  • Do not dump hazardous liquids like motor oil, anti-freeze, and grease into the gutter.
  • Do not put yard waste in the gutter. The waste will accumulate and plug storm lines causing flooding.
  • Periodically clean and inspect the gutter in front of your house, including under your drive approach. This will not only help maintain the beauty of our city streets but prevent flooding due to plugged drains.
  • If you happen to see someone dumping hazardous liquids into the gutters, please contact Utah County Dispatch at (801) 851-4100.
  • For information on proper disposal of hazardous household waste, please visit the Utah County Environmental Health Department, or call (801) 851-7353 for more information.
If you have a request for storm drain maintenance or repair in your area, go to the Citizen Support Center

Much of our storm water ends up in Utah Lake. For more information regarding Utah Lake, please visit the Utah Lake Commission website.

Average Monthly Residential Storm Water Fee: Santaquin-$1.06; Lehi-$4.50; Springville-$5.80; American Fork-$6; Payson-$6.19; Salem-$6.24; Orem-$7.35; AVERAGE-$8.08; Spanish Fork-$9.82; Provo-$12.70; Pleasant Grove-$22.86

Storm Drainage Master Plan
SF LOMR and Flood Insurance Rate Map 490241
SF LOMR and Flood Insurance Rate Map 495517
Storm Water Map

Storm Water Management Plan
To review or comment on the Storm Water Management Plan please contact James Darling at
(801) 804-4570 or at

MS4 Location Description Map
MS4 Sampling Sites Map
Flood Damage Prevention Code
Construction and Post-Construction BMP Manual for Storm Water
City BMP Manual for Storm Water
SWPPP Design Manual (Construction General Permit)

On Call/After Hours Number: (801) 804-4440