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Planning5 documents

  • General Plan Map
    document Header General Plan Map
  • RDA's EDA's CDA's Map
    document Header RDA's EDA's CDA's Map
  • Zoning Map
    document Header Zoning Map
  • Zoning Map (B/W)
    document Header Zoning Map (B/W)
  • Zoning Map (Detailed)
    document Header Zoning Map (Detailed)

Master Plans3 documents

  • Fiber Map
    document Header Fiber Map
  • Master Road Plan Map
    document Header Master Road Plan Map
  • Master Trails Plan Map
    document Header Master Trails Plan Map

Transportation5 documents

  • Highway Exits
    document Header Highway Exits
  • Milepost Markers
    document Header Milepost Markers
  • Speed Limits
    document Header Speed Limits
  • Traffic Counts
    document Header Traffic Counts
  • Trails System
    document Header Trails System

General Info6 documents

  • City Street Map
    document Header City Street Map
  • Detailed City Street Map
    document Header Detailed City Street Map
  • Irrigation Company Boundaries
    document Header Irrigation Company Boundaries
  • Public Facilities Map
    document Header Public Facilities Map
  • Spanish Fork Area Terrain
    document Header Spanish Fork Area Terrain
  • Voting Precincts Map
    document Header Voting Precincts Map

Maintenance & Schedules2 documents

  • Snow Plow Removal Priorities
    document Header Snow Plow Removal Priorities
  • Waste Pickup Boundaries Map
    document Header Waste Pickup Boundaries Map

Spanish Fork Events & Event Locations2 documents

  • Fairgrounds Map
    document Header Fairgrounds Map
  • Fiesta Days Grand Parade Route
    document Header Fiesta Days Grand Parade Route

Cemetery Info3 documents

  • Cemetery Location
    document Header Cemetery Location
  • Cemetery Printable Map
    document Header Cemetery Printable Map
  • Cemetery View Map
    document Header Cemetery View Map

School Boundaries3 documents

  • Elementary School Boundaries
    document Header Elementary School Boundaries
  • High School Boundaries
    document Header High School Boundaries
  • Junior High School Boundaries
    document Header Junior High School Boundaries

Hazards4 documents

  • Current Floodplain Map
    document Header Current Floodplain Map
  • Current Floodplain Map - Viewable
    document Header Current Floodplain Map - Viewable
  • Spanish Fork Liquefaction Potential
    document Header Spanish Fork Liquefaction Potential
  • Wind Boundary Map
    document Header Wind Boundary Map