Water Conservation Project

The goal of the Spanish Fork Water Conservation Project is to improve resident water conservation, reduce daily peak demands, and more accurately measure usage.


The City is unique in that contrary to most systems, about half the City is in a wind fan area coming from Spanish Fork Canyon. The wind created in this area evaporates sprinkler water six times faster than the sun.  Therefore, it is more efficient, and less water is wasted to water this area during the daytime. By controlling the time of water use, the City will be able to reduce the amount of water it pumps up to the reservoir during the day and reduce the peak demands during the night.

Reduce Demand Peak Water Usage:
Spanish Fork City is implementing a Water Conservation Program to help reduce the peak demands of water usage. Right now most of the city waters at 12-3a which is causing water to be pumped down from the reservoir. On the contrary, during the day hardly any residents are watering and this causes our sources to have an excess amount of water which is pumped up to the reservoir. We want to even out the watering in the city to allow our sources have a consistent pull and to stop the pumping up and down from the reservoir.