The following lists where you can take items for recycling in Spanish Fork. 

  • Paper. Paper, newspaper, phonebooks, magazines, & plastics can be taken directly to the Transfer Station located at 2450 W 400 South in Springville, for a charge. Located just to the west of the Freeway interchange and only 4 miles from the City office.
  • Plastic. Plastics can also also be taken to the transfer station for a charge. Maceys and Walmart accept plastic bags. Check in-store for specific details.
  • Yard Waste. Yard waste may be taken to the transfer station. Spanish Fork residents may receive three (3) vouchers to take green waste to the transfer station for free, additional trips will be charged for. Click here to get your vouchers.
  • Aluminum & Other Metals. Aluminum & other metals may be taken to Western Metals in Provo. Their address is 1776 S Colorado Ave, Provo, UT and you can contact them at (801) 373-4224.
  • Plastic containers, glass or metals may require special effort traveling out of the community. For further information, including very specific instructions on what to do with over 60 household items or objects, visit the transfer station website at www.suvswd.org and click "What to Do".