Waste Services Pick-up Zones


All addresses west of Main Street bounded on the north by 1600 North. East of Main Street to 700 East between 100 South and 300 South. Between 300 South and 400 South from 300 East to Canyon Road. South of 300 South between Main Street and 200 East and Between Main Street and River Bottoms Road.


All addresses north of 1600 North and east of Main Street to U.S. Highway 6 south to 100 South. West of U.S. 6 between Center Street and 600 South to 700 East and Canyon Road. South of 400 South and Canyon Road between Scenic Drive and 1100 East. South of 300 South between 200 East\River Bottoms Road and Scenic Drive. South of Canyon Road between 1100 East and 1400 East to 1240 South.


All addresses west of U.S. 6 to 1400 East and south of 600 South. Between 600 South and Canyon Road and 1100 East and 1400 East. South of 1240 South to River Bottoms Road between 1100 East and 1400 East.


All Addresses north and east of U.S. Hwy 6 and I-15.