Future Maintenance and Reconstruction Projects

Public Works

This is an overview of the city maintenance and reconstruction program for streets, bridges and sidewalks.

Reconstruction Projects
The City has an annual reconstruction program in which streets are overlaid each year. This program currently receives approximately $550,000 annually from the state for B & C road funds. The number of miles of qualifying streets and the area served determines the amount given to each city and county. This program is failing to keep up with the construction needs due to increasing cost of materials, and the overall age of the city streets. The City needs to allocate a minimum of $1,000,000 annually, or an additional $450,000 annually to meet this standard. The funds should be adjusted regularly to allow for the 20-year life of asphalt streets.

Bridge Replacement
There is one bridge that needs to be replaced in the city street system. This bridge is located on Powerhouse Road and is over the Spanish Fork River. The bridge is scheduled to be replaced in spring of 2002. The structure is old, narrow, and is hazardous to the traveling public.

Sidewalk Replacement
The city currently allocates approximately $50,000 annually for sidewalk replacement. This allocation currently repairs approximately 1800 lineal feet of sidewalk each year. This practice needs to continue as sidewalks will continue to deteriorate.

Street Improvements
Approximately 17.5 miles of collector streets will need to be improved and upgraded over the next 20 years. The City will have to participate in some of these improvements while the developers will construct many of these streets in conjunction with new developments. The City's policy has been to require developers to construct or upgrade the streets that relate to their developments, including collector streets. The rationale is that the construction of new streets and widening of existing streets should be paid for by those who generate the need and benefit from such improvements. In some cases where the existing street to be widened is not in satisfactory condition, the developer will be required to overlay or reconstruct the existing street.

In some cases a combination of developments may be beneficiaries and an impact fee assessed. The City will, however, only require a proportionate share cost of developers for new or widened arterial streets. The additional costs related to arterial streets will probably be funded through UDOT or other federal funds.