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Spanish Fork maintains all data in State Plane NAD83, Utah Central Zone, US Survey Feet Coordinates (Horizontal Datum), and NAV88 (Vertical Datum).
Data updated nightly
General Data   
Layer Name.shp.kmz.lpkx
Spanish Fork Boundary SF_Boundary.kmz GeneralData_Layers.lpkx
Public Facilities SF_Public_Facilities.kmz
School Points SF_School_Points.kmz
School Properties SF_School_Properties.kmz
Church Points SF_Church_Points.kmz
Church Properties SF_Church_Properties.kmz
Parks SF_Parks.kmz
Rivers SF_Rivers.kmz
Existing Trails SF_Trails.kmz
Contours SF_Contour_Lines.kmz
Planning Data   
Layer Name.shp.kmz.lpkx
Addresses SF_Addresses.kmz Planning_Layers.lpkx
Buildings SF_Buildings.kmz
Final Plats SF_Final_Plats.kmz
Preliminary Plats SF_Preliminary_Plats.kmz
Preliminary Property Lines SF_Preliminary_Property_Lines.kmz
General Plan SF_General_Plan.kmz
Zoning SF_Zoning.kmz
Policy Boundary SF_Policy_Boundary.kmz
Growth Boundary SF_Growth_Boundary.kmz
Utah County City Boundaries Utah_County_City_Boundaries.kmz
Layer Name.shp.kmz.lpkx
Concrete SF_Concrete.kmz Transportation_Layers.lpkx
Highway Exits SF_Highway_Exits.kmz
Highway Mile Post Markers SF_Highway_Mile_Post_Markers.kmz
Highways SF_Highways.kmz
Major Roads SF_Major_Roads.kmz
Roads SF_Roads.kmz
Railroads SF_Railroads.kmz
Utility Data
Layer Name.shp.kmz.lpkx
Irrigation Layers Irrigation_Layers.lpkx
Pressurized Irrigation Layers Pressurized_Irrigation_Layers.lpkx
Sewer Layers Sewer_Layers.lpkx
Storm Layers Storm_Layers.lpkx
Water Layers Water_Layers.lpkx

Spanish Fork City makes no warranty with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of these data. Spanish Fork City assumes no liability for direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages resulting from the use or misuse of these data or any of the information contained herein. It is recommended that these data not be used for any design work whatsoever. Portions may be copied for incidental uses, but may not be resold.