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Message From The DirectorChief_Adams
Our beautiful city continues to grow and as our Mayor says we are the City of Pride and Progress.

We had some personnel changes in the Public Safety department, namely Emergency Services Manager Don Thomas retired after serving more than 40 years for the city. And although this took place in January 2019 we had two Patrol Sergeants retire, Brad Mitchell and Chris Sheriff. Their positions have yet to be filled. The combined years of service, knowledge and know-how of these three is over 80 years! They will be missed but this gives others an opportunity to share their talents and expertise in these areas. Don was replaced by now Deputy Chief Ryan Baum. He will serve as our Emergency Manager as well as continue in his service with the Fire Department. You can find out more from him in the Ambulance area of our year end report.

Our Police Department continues to see an increase in calls for service which is expected with the growth we are experiencing. As you may know we try to have our officers with enough “unobligated time” that they can do some proactive policing. Meaning that they are not going from call to call or having calls back up having citizens waiting to be served. Our Mayor, Council and City Manager are very supportive of this philosophy and effort.

Our EMS personnel are responding faster than they ever have with them being required to be at the station from 7am to 7pm. We are looking at expanding these times to capture nearly 90% of the calls. Our Fire and EMS teams serve with honor and integrity. They continue to protect property and save lives. We are truly fortunate to have these men and women serving the community. We will continue to monitor the needs and costs to share with the Council for possible improvements to these services.

The planning and research is well underway for the new Fire Station, “Station 62”. You may remember this is being built on the east side of Spanish Fork, specifically 2550 East Canyon Road. If all goes to plan it will open in the fall of 2020.

Please get to know the goings on in the city and your local Police Officers, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians by reading through the 2018 Year End Report and visiting with us on our streets. We are here to serve you to the best of our ability. Your Public Safety Officers in each of these divisions know their duties and keep up to date on the best practices to ensure that Spanish Fork Citizens are well served.

It is without hesitation or question that I state that in order for us to do our jobs and be successful we need community involvement. We are grateful to those citizens who get involved. Please continue to do so. Get involved and make a difference.

If you have any needs or desires of your Public Safety Department please contact us. 

We are here to Protect and Serve.

Chief Steven G. Adams