Public Safety

How It Started

Old Ambulance Prior to 1974, the ambulance service consisted of the attending Police Officer calling the mortician to pick up the patient in a hearse and transport them to the Hospital.

Shortly after, a few of the community members were trained as EMTs. These people would then respond to the scene, care for the patient, and prepare the patient for transport to the Hospital by the Payson Ambulance.

Early in 1975, Spanish Fork was recognized as an ambulance department and was provided with an ambulance, which enabled Spanish Fork to now transport patients themselves, which eliminated Payon's commute time and made for a much faster response.

There were 27 original members who all became EMTs at around the same time. These people were instrumental in the founding of the Spanish Fork Ambulance Department. Below are listed all 27 of these charter members:

Doug Barber
Mark Bills
Jay Drage
Leonard Ellis
Mont Hales
Page Harrison
Sterling Ludlow
Heber Snow
Linda Evans

Ralph Fugate
J. Reed Hansen
Ginnie Hansen
Mark Harrison
Rosalie Johnson
Dee Ann Knotts
Mike Lee
Syd McKell
Gary Measom

Dave Mecham
Rick Nielsen
John Ottesen
Sherry Perry
Hal Stock
Garth Swenson
Rick Taylor
Don Thomas
Ned Thomas

Past Captains

1974 - 1975 Jay Drage
1976 - 1977 David Mecham
1978 - 1980 Don Thomas
1981 - 1982 Steve Dudley
1983 - 1984 Pat Christensen
1985 - 1986 Janet Scott
1987 Brent Dunston
1988 - 1991 Don Thomas
1992 Mike Hess
1993 - 2003 Clint Harwood
2003 - 2005 Brad Moon
2005 - 2018 Don Thomas
2018 - Current Ryan Baum