Public Safety

There are two forms of graffiti. One is often called 'aerosol art' and is done with the permission of the property owner. The other is 'graffiti vandalism' and involves spraying government or private property with slogans or personal 'tags'.

This is illegal and the Spanish Fork Police takes this seriously. Offenders could face fines or prison time. Graffiti offenses that are reported will be prosecuted.

Because graffiti is part of a sub-culture, it is a crime that tends to be committed by young people, but can be done by others. Many vandals work as part of a gang or crew and often, as part of a test of initiation into the gang, young people are challenged with vandalizing difficult, dangerous or highly-visible places.

Graffiti vandalism is a crime and should be reported.

Graffiti vandalism of public property such as buildings, statues, roadways or trains should be reported to the police.

You may report information regarding graffiti two ways:

  1. Fill out this form in our Citizen Support Center.
  2. Contacting the police department at (801) 804-4700

Cleaning up or removal of the graffiti is performed by TAG (Teens Against Graffiti). This clean up is commonly performed by TAG at no cost to the property owner.