Power Outage

Emergency Preparedness

Before the Power Outage
  • Learn location of fuse box or circuit breaker.
  • Store candles, flashlights and extra batteries in a handy place.
  • Have food and water supplies on hand, since the outage may last awhile.
  • Know the location of all camping equipment (stove, lantern, sleeping bags). You may need them. Make sure the equipment is operational and that you know how to use them. REMEMBER THAT CAMPING EQUIPMENT REQUIRING GASOLINE, PROPANE, WHITE GAS, COLEMAN FUEL OR CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES SHOULD NOT BE USED INSIDE THE HOUSE - ONLY OUTSIDE.
  • Keep adequate supply of fuel on hand. Propane, white gas, gasoline and Coleman fuel must not be stored or used in the house or garage, as they are too volatile. Only kerosene may be used in the house and stored in direct sunlight and is limited in quantity to one 55 gallon drum on a person's property.
  • Keep your refrigerator well defrosted. Built-up ice works against your freezer.
During the Power Outage
  • Unplug all your appliances. The surge of power that comes when power is restored could ruin your appliances.
  • Turn off all but one light switch.
  • A major problem during an outage is food thawing in the refrigerator or freezer. Open door only to take food out, and do so as quickly as possible. If you have access to dry ice, place it in a cardboard box and then on top of food.
  • When using camping equipment during an outage, remember to do so outside. Use only a fireplace, a properly installed wood stove, or a new style kerosene heater used in a safe area with the room vented. i.e., fresh outside air coming into the room.
  • Report any downed lines.
  • Do not allow children to carry lanterns, candles or fuel.
After the Outage
  • When power is restored, plug in appliances one by one, waiting a few minutes in between each one. This may prevent an overload on the system.
  • Be patient. Energy may first be restored to police and fire departments and hospitals.
  • Examine your frozen food. If it still contains ice crystal, it may be refrozen. If meat is off-color or has an odd odor, throw it away.
Other Emergency Procedures