High Winds

Emergency Preparedness

  • Survey your home and/or property. Take note of materials stored, placed, or used, which in the event of high winds could become missiles and destroy other structures or be destroyed. Devise methods of securing these materials where they will still be accessible for day-to-day needs.
  • Keep radio and/or television on and monitor for wind advisories.
  • If possible, board up, tape or shutter all windows Leave some ventilation).
  • Draw some water for emergency use in the event water service is interrupted.
  • Have a supply of flashlights, spare batteries, candles, first aid equipment, medicines, etc., available for emergency use.
  • Secure outdoor furniture, trash cans, tools, etc.
During High Winds
  • Take shelter in hallways, closets, and away from windows.
  • Stay out of areas where flying objects may hit you or destroy your place of refuge.
After Winds Subside
  • Inspect for structural damage.
  • Check all utilities for damage and proper operation.
  • Monitor radio and television for instruction from local authorities.
  • Report damage and needs to your Neighborhood Coordinator.
Other Emergency Procedures