72 Hour Kits

Public Safety

Suggested minimum needs:
Water 1 Gallon (8 lbs.) per person for 3 days (8 drops chlorine bleach per gallon)
Food Minimal of Noncook, Lightweight, Palatable, Can Opener, Cooking and Eating Utensils
Clothing 1 Change, Extra Shoes, Raingear, Adequate Winter Wear
Bedding Sleeping Bags, Blankets
Personal Hygiene Including Feminine Hygiene and Baby Items
Sanitation Airtight Bucket or Porta Pottie, Toilet Paper, News Paper, Soap, Towel, Disinfectant, Trash Bags, Bleach
First Aid Kit Personal Medications
Shelter Tent or Tarp, Rope 1/4" x 36'
Tools Pocket Knife, Small Tools, Axe, Pointed Shovel
Light Flashlight, Batteries, Candles, Matches
Communication Radio, Batteries, 1 Whistle Per Person
Fuel For Cooking, Light, Heat
Important Papers Wills, Testaments, Stocks, Securities, Titles, Certificates, Insurance, Current Family Pictures, ID Cards, Inventory of Household Items, Pencil and Paper, Maps, Phone Numbers, Emergency Manual, Car Keys, House Keys, Books
Money Cash and Change
Remember Keep gas tank at least half full