Alarm Permits

Alarms give both Residents and Businesses added protection by notifying responsible parties of issues that may be occurring at their home or store. A properly functioning alarm system provides you with knowledge that your home or business is surrounded with safety and service as the alarm notifies the Public Safety Department of a problem requiring our attention.

Beginning July 1, 2010, a city ordinance went into effect requiring all home and business alarm systems in the city to have a permit, city code 9.44. The permit is issued free of charge by the Spanish Fork Police Department. The only fees associated with this new ordinance are those imposed to the home or business owner beginning with the fourth (4th) false alarm reported to the department within a calendar year. The fee schedule is as follows:

First three false alarms: No charge
Fourth false alarm: Fifty dollars ($50)
Fifth false alarm: Seventy-five dollars ($75)
Sixth through ninth false alarm: One hundred dollars ($100)
Tenth and all subsequent false alarms: Two hundred dollars ($200)

As an alarm owner, your responsibility will be to:

  • Complete an Alarm Permit Application form
  • Post the permit sticker on or near the alarm control board and one on the front door to the building that has the alarm
  • Provide names of responsible key holders who can respond to the home or business within 30 minutes when requested and
  • Keep the department advised of changes in information regarding the alarm system, responsible parties, etc.

Homes and business locations with alarm systems not registered with the department will still be billed for false alarms reported to the department, beginning with the 4th false alarm. The new ordinance also provides for misdemeanor prosecutions of any person or corporation operating an alarm system within the city without a valid permit issued by the department.

The goal of this ordinance is to decrease the number of false alarms the department responds to and use the man-hours gained to better serve and protect our community. Your cooperation in complying with this ordinance is both appreciated and required. If you have questions, please call 801-804-4700. You can obtain a permit application at the Spanish Fork Police Department, 789 West Center, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or download an application here. You may also fill out the Online Application.

City Code 9.44.

Alarm Permit Application (printable)

Alarm Permit Application (online)