Non-Resident Fee Policy

Parks & Recreation

  • A Non-Resident Fee will be charged to anyone living outside of the Spanish Fork City Limits.
    • $10.00 per person per City sponsored league.
    • $5.00 per person per instructional program.
    • No non-resident fees are charged on camps or clinics.
  • $50.00 Family Camp (LIMIT) on Non-Resident Fees charged per family per calendar year.
  • $50.00 Team Cap (LIMIT) on Non-Resident Fees charged to an adult sports team per season.
  • You can request a Non-Resident Fee Refund for a particular season if you move within the city limits before the half way point of the season. You must provide proof of residency.
  • Participants whose residency cannot be verified through utility billing records must provide proof of residency.