Liability Waiver

Parks & Recreation

If you or any of your family members will be participating in any Parks & Recreation programs, you must have a current Lifetime Family Liability Waiver on file with the Parks & Recreation Office.

  • Our department uses a LIFETIME family liability waiver.
  • The family waiver must be filled out by a parent or guardian.
  • Participants that are 18 years or older should fill out their own waiver.
  • Completed waivers must be submitted to the Parks & Recreation Office at 775 North Main or can be emailed to or faxed to 801-804-4620.
  • Waivers must be kept current. If information changes (address, phone, email) or you need to add new family members, you must contact the Parks & Recreation Office.
  • Fees will not be accepted for anyone that is not covered by a liability waiver.
  • The information provided on the waiver is used to set you up in our online registrations program, RecOnline
Download Printable Liability Waiver