Arts Council

Spanish Fork Arts Council is seeking applicants for various council positions to help in volunteer roles supporting arts programs and events in the community. Please send interest with a brief description of how you might best fill one of these roles as well as any experience that might be noteworthy to arts@sfcn.org. Specific experience in the arts is not required. Mentoring in roles is available.

Arts Council Secretary — Assist the President and VP in their responsibilities in quarterly council meetings by keeping and sending out agendas and notes. Communicate to council upcoming meetings and events. Keep track of contacts. Assist committees as needed.

Harvest Moon Hurrah Committee Member (Food Vendors) — Help arrange food vendors and logistics for the Harvest Moon Hurrah event in September each year. Work with city to help arrange power and contracts. Assist in other HMH needs.

Adult Arts Education Chairperson — head committee and lead responsibility in arranging annual Adult Arts Education held mid-January February. Help identify classes and instructors that will have greatest interest and impact on community. Identify class success requirements (size, logistic needs, costs, etc.), assist city with instructor paperwork, and organize logistics with schools and technical crew. Help to ensure a successful event managing committee members.

Sundays in the Park Chairperson — Organize Sunday performances in the park behind the Library. Arrange for family friendly, community appropriate music from local artists and emerging performances that provide a great atmosphere for Sunday evenings where families can gather and enjoy.

Council Member - Storage Coordinator — Organize and coordinate storage units. Ensure units are kept clean and organized. Track access and report on needs to council. Meet with council and assist where needed.