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Spanish Fork City Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project List Explanation

Projects that received approval in the past are no longer receiving approval

Since 2009 it appears that the bar has been raised. We have become aware that many projects that have gained approval prior to 2010 have not received approval since then. A meeting held June 22, 2010 with the Spanish Fork City Eagle Project Coordinator confirmed that the Black Hawk District Advancement Committee requires more exact adherence to the requirements set forth in the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook for project approval. The following restriction from the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook is cited as the reason the projects no longer receive approval by the Advancement Committee:

"Routine labor is not normally appropriate for a project. This might be defined as a job or service you may provide as part of your daily life, or a routine maintenance job normally done by the beneficiary (for example, pulling weeds on the football field at your school)."

July 2011: Recently scouts have reported to Bill Bushman that the Diamond Fork District Advancement Committee has not approved listed projects as presented but instead the scouts have been asked to add something to the selected project to "make it your own" or "leave a permanent addition" prior to committee approval.

January 2012: The Eagle Scout Project List has been removed from the Spanish Fork City website. Spanish Fork City no longer has any "ready-made" Eagle Scout Projects. If a scout, after having looked around town, discovers a need that might make a good Eagle Scout Project please make a proposal. We will review the proposal and decide if the city will benefit from the project and facilitate it.

Spanish Fork City does not guarantee approval of any project facilitated by the Eagle Scout Advancement Committee. Approval from the Committee must be attained prior to beginning the project.

Refer to the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook located at the following address for requirement information:


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Service Projects Contact Information

Spanish Fork City Eagle Projects Coordinator: Bill Bushman Phone: Cell: 801-921-9818, Office: 801-804-4618 (Please call during business hours, M-F, 7 am to 6 pm.) Email:bbushman@spanishfork.org